Life Settlements Oyster Pearl

Life settlements have changed the way we think about life insurance. For consumers, life settlements have unlocked the market value of life insurance, transforming unneeded policies into assets with significant value. For advisors, life settlements open a host of new strategies for strengthening portfolios and building client relationships.

One Transaction. Multiple Applications.

There are a variety of situations which may lead someone to reevaluate their life insurance needs, including:

  • Long term care funding – a policyowner who needs assistance funding long term care can sell their life insurance and use the proceeds to help offset the cost.
  • Recouping term premiums – a policyowner who no longer needs their convertible term policy can use a life settlement to eliminate future premiums and recoup a portion of their overall premium outlay.
  • Restructuring cash flow – a policyowner with limited cash flow can use the proceeds from a life settlement to fund a reduced policy with lower premiums.
  • A need to eliminate premiums and retain a portion of coverage – a policyowner may find they need to retain a certain level of coverage. Through a life settlement, a policyowner can keep a portion of their coverage while eliminating future premium obligations, in lieu of a cash payment.

We make the process simple. Basic information about the policy and the insured’s health is submitted to Coventry. Upon review, the policyowner will receive an offer from Coventry First either in the form of a cash payment or the amount of death benefit they can retain with no future premium obligations.

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