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Coventry’s history includes many firsts. We conducted the first life settlement transaction and were the first to realize the market’s potential. Coventry took the lead in ensuring the industry’s continued growth by actively supporting the highest standards of conduct. We led the life settlement industry into a new era of institutional funding when we structured the industry’s first major capital markets transaction.

We are advocates of strong regulation from within the industry as well as through legislation, because we know that securing consumer trust ensures the industry’s long-term success. Our Chairman and co-founder, Alan H. Buerger is the former chairman and a former board member of the Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA), which is the life settlement industry’s first self-governing body.

Recently, by uniquely bridging insurance and capital markets, Coventry has opened a new class of alternative assets for institutional investors worldwide, providing an investment opportunity which is largely uncorrelated to the financial markets.

Today, Coventry continues to lead the life settlement market. Our bold ideas, rigorous standards and deep expertise continue to open new opportunities for policyowners, professional advisors and institutional investors.